Geothermal energy

Vertical heat-exchanger

The energy is collected from the ground source and conveyed into your home to provide space heating, cooling and hot water. U-turned-PE tubes go 40 to 130 metre underground through a small drilled pipe. The technique of vertical heat exchanger is common use.


A groundwater source heat pump collects energy from the groundwater.  The water is pumped up through a well to a heat exchanger, where the energy is recovered. The water is then discharged back through another well. Because the high constant temperature of the groundwater the efficiency of the heat pump increases.

Air- energy

The energy found in outdoor air is collected via the air module and conveyed into your home to provide heating and hot water. By using a special defreeze-programme, outside temperature up to – 20°C can be collected and is efficient. All components are integrated in the heat pump installation, therefore without danger of freezing.


Geothermal energy