Reliable, convenient and environmentally friendly. For you and the next generation.

There is solar power stored outside your house. Energy that's just waiting to be used. ZEN's heat pumps efficiently harness ambient energy. It does require a little energy to collect this free energy, but the return is so outstanding that the heat pump extracts a multiple of energy for each unit it uses.

Renewable energy sources will never run dry - which is reassuring bearing in mind that other types of energy are not likely to get any cheaper in the future.

Comfort is the keyword for low temperature heating.

The heat exchange is distributed evenly over the entire surface area. This creates a permanently comfortable  feeling. Floor and wall heating do not create draughts or air circulation. There is barely any dust distribution within the room. By working with separate circuits per surface area, and variable deployment distances, it is possible to adjust the heat exchange as per your personal needs.

These plastic (synthetic) pipes can also easily be incorporated within the inner walls as wall heating. This is often a good solution for existing buildings. Of course the heating circuit will remain out of sight. This offers great freedom in the interior design of the home.