UK PVconference, ZEN as main sponsor

The UK PV Conference

ZEN® Renewables attended to the UK PV Conference on solar energy, held on June 22nd in London.

The solar industry and market in the UK is about to explode and increase over 100 percent for many years following the introduction of government incentive on solar energy in April. ,,We’ve seen market boost and successful kick-starting in other countries like Italy, Belgium and Germany. Within three years the UK could be one of the major solar energy markets in Europe,’’ CEO Edwin Koot of the leading global PV industry portal predicts. 

International solar experts Hermann Scheer and Jeremy Leggett will focus on possibilities and developments in this field in their keynote speeches.  Also Teun Bokhoven, CEO of ZEN-International will play an import role in the conference.  As a foreign expert, he is invited to talk about:

The success of the Belgium market as a start for the UK

The Belgium market exploded since its introduction of an attractive subsidy scheme. The UK might follow suit based on its FIT. What are the lessons learnt from the Belgium and other markets? What product solutions can be offered to UK contractors, entrepreneurs and customers? What are interesting business models in the emerging UK PV market?

UK PVconference, ZEN as main sponsor