Regeneration of ground sources

ZEN Renewables, recently realised projects with interaction of solar thermal energy and geothermal energy. The ZEN application in summertime charges ground sources for the heatpump with the necessary temperature in wintertime.

With projects in the north and centre of the Netherlands, ZEN Renewables took the opportunity to realise a strong added value in combining both systems of renewable energy.  Spaceheating and heating tapwater can be energized through solar collectors and heatpumps. 

The first project (Wageningen) is a construction of 457 m² ZEN® Solar collectors and a storage tank of 4.600 litres.  the generated temperature of 45°C will be injected 300 m. deep in the clay layer.  In wintertime the groundwater is the only energysource for spaceheating (even without using heatpumps). The groundwater conserves its energy at 35 - 40° C.  The solar system is designed or 1.250 GJ/year

The second project (Zuidhorn), a system of 557 m² ZEN Solar collectors, provide enough energy to regenerate the ground source to give the necessary energy to the heatpumps  (tapwater heating and space heating).  The solar system generates 1.400 GJ/year.

Both solar thermal systems were design with ZEN Solar Drainback Technology.

Regeneration of ground sources